Make it Work as a Work-at-Home-Parent

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Every Sunday this September, join Cindy Marie Jenkins' Work-at-Home-Parent series, where she shares tips on how to maximize and balance parenting and work as a work-at-home parent.

Sept 1: 10 Things You’ll Learn as a Work-at-Home-Parent

Sept 7: 17 Inexpensive Ways to Create a Safe Play Space While You Work

Sept 15: Time Management Hack - Feel in Control of Your Time

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The Work-at-Home-Writer

Starting September 2019, I will share more personal tips on how to involve your children in your writing career so they don’t resent your work time, and will become your biggest cheerleaders! Every month on the Writer’s Atelier blog.


Every Monday I post #MakeItWorkMonday, offering a detailed tip on how you can make it work as a work-at-home-parent. You can follow these tips on Instagram, the private Facebook group, or I can email them to you directly.


Elisha Beach, made famous for her honest Instagram photo about breastfeeding, published The Mom Forum in 2017. I began writing essays about working from home at that time, and just adore everything she does!

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