Make it Work as a WAHP


Make it Work as a Work-at-Home-Parent (WAHP)

Working from home presents enough challenges without adding a child to the mix. It’s always difficult to feel okay with the amount of work you used to get done versus the limited time and energy you have as a parent. 

When my first child was born, I got caught in that cycle of needing more time to work, but needing the money from gigs to pay for a sitter so I could get more time to work. If we were ever going to get ahead of that paycheck game then I had to find ways to work with my toddler present.

Below are some of my “Recipes” to make it work and the community I’m building.

Nobody’s perfect at this. Everyone needs help. Reach out if you need it.



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In person or online, I can consult with you, your groups, or your company on how to make it work as a work-at-home-parent — and how to work within a true family friendly environment.