Make it Work Monday: The Palate Cleanser Burrito

The Palate Cleanser.jpg

This Monday was like every week since both my kids started school: we take them to their bus, grab a coffee and check in on our daily schedules, then my husband goes to his shuttle and I sit down at my desk in our apartment.

I had a to-do list, I had the deadlines, I had the time. So why was I unmotivated?

I did not have the right space. Maybe because we had a three day weekend or a big adventure on Saturday, but I could not work in my home.

So I took advantage of the freedom, packed my bags and went to a cafe. On the way there, I texted my husband that I want a breakfast burrito. In Beijing, those are mighty hard to come by. But because I chose a cafe in a mall where I would also do my Halloween shopping, I tried a new restaurant. Their breakfast burrito is a lot more hipster than the kind I craved from the streets of Los Angeles, but I felt so much better after eating it.

I opened my planner and worked out some scheduling. They brought me tea which I sipped while creating social media posts for Giving Tuesday. I quite literally gave myself a new view from which I could see my job and priorities better. I even realized this subject was what I needed to write for my weekly series.

Sometimes just lighting a candle in my apartment will do the trick, or cleaning a problem area in my apartment before I sit down to work. But today I needed to leave.

Yes, it was easier to pack up and leave when it was just me and no tots in tow. That is the beauty of how cafe culture is changing, however. Many offer a playroom for the kids so they don't need to work against their own instincts while you try to keep them contained in a chair. The play area looked so nice and the food was so tasty, I almost felt guilty for not trying this new place with my children there.

Then the preschool teacher called and I had to bring my youngest a change of clothes. Glad I had already been productive and was near a mall!

Do you have a favorite retreat?

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