The Goblins are North Carolina!

all festival poster.jpg

One of the reasons that I'm jazzed to work with the Women's Theatre Festival is their 2018 season. It's all female playwrights, directed by women and with a mission of 50/50 women on stage and 50/50 POC  onstage as well: "CRUMBLE (Lay me Down, Justin Timberlake)," "Parallel Lives: the Kathy and Mo Show," "These Shining Lives" based on The Radium Girls, and "ECLIPSED" by Danai Gurira. 

Out of all these, it is "Goblin Market" that hits me in all the special nerdy spots: music, poetry, Victorian sex horror fantasy while still being family friendly - I mean, seriously. Check out the promo and if you're in Raleigh, get tickets here