Found Art: Dinos in Atwater Village


One day I went to Kaldi Coffee & Tea in Atwater Village, as I am wont to do.Outside in the street garden: surprise! [youtube=] BONUS: Coffee. It all began with dancing goats.

Courtesy of National Geographic: Goats will eat anything. Just ask Kaldi the legendary Ethiopian (map) goatherd. Kaldi, the story goes, noticed his herd dancing from one coffee shrub to another, grazing on the cherry-red berries containing the beans. He copped a few himself and was soon frolicking with his flock. Witnessing Kaldi’s goatly gambol, a monk plucked berries for his brothers. That night they were uncannily alert to divine inspiration.


Found Art is a new series of videos & photos that means exactly what it says. Send your Found Art in the comments. Found Art: Dinosaurs outside Kaldi Coffee & Tea in Atwater Village

Found by Cindy Marie Jenkins, Outreach Nerd

Original Music composed by Adam Emperor Southard

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