Found Art in LA


I found so much wonderful art today that I just want to share:


I met Peppur Chambers early during the Hollywood Fringe Festival and was pretty much praying her show would be as good as Peppur is cool. That's a risk you take with the Fringe.

Dick and Jayne Get a Life is not the sort of description I gravitate towards: "quirky, sorta romantic sorta comedy" unless I trust the artists completely. No worries with Chamber; this is very good writing. She manages a very odd mix of weirdness and hilarity with a strong dose of reality. She unabashedly but very skillfully moves her characters toward inevitable yet always surprising conclusions. I don't know how she did that. She's good. It felt like an absurdly realistic romantic comedy. 2 more chances to see Dick and Jayne Get a Life: July 13 & 14 at 5pm. 

Then today she invites me to a site-specific show that's been running since January. The Build-Up looks great and I may just add another show to my Sunday schedule. You have to take a shuttle there, for goodness sakes. Keep an eye on Peppur Chambers and Three Peas Productions.

Story-telling: LET THEM EAT MEAT

I know for a fact Antonio Sacre is a master storyteller. In 2010 I saw his Fringe show first became much more excited about presenting my own weird Fringe offering that year.  and

Only two more shows of his hit Let Them Eat Meat, this Sunday and next. GO! I am going this Sunday and can't wait to see him live again.

Also follow @AntonioSacre if you are so Twitter-inclined. He's pretty fab. Don't worry if you start to get a talent crush - I hear that's normal.

EARLY FUNDING FRIDAY (because she only has a week left)

Catholic School Daze Documentary

I can't even describe this artist. Karen has a spirit not to be challenged. Here she not only puts her own bullying and trauma on-stage, but integrated an interactive therapeutic element as her audiences had personal reactions to her story.

So fund the documentary about it! I suggest the $30 level with music, but anything REALLY helps.