Epic Weekend of Wonder


Let's see if I can possibly give you the vibe of this weekend in photos. Details on each event below.


Deb & Jay at 24th ST Theatre asked me to take part in their KPFK interview about "Walking the Tightrope"

After KPFK, I jetted off to Wondercon! Tickets courtesy of my fabulous Wedb Series Watch co-hort Patty Jean Robinson. Click image for more coverage as we post.


Everyone staring at their devices is a great sign when you run a Twitter workshop! More on this soon & click image for upcoming classes.

Had to stop into 24th ST Theatre to say hi between shows & see some friends. (Photo by Lindsay of Expressing Motherhood).

I came home to my husband hosting Tabletop Day with many friends. I won Zombie Dice! Makes sense, since I felt like a zombie on Saturday night.


Back to Wondercon: This attendee told creators of Husbands the Series that their work inspired her to create her own transgender superhero.

...And here is my post-Con to-do list. Look for reviews & write-ups on Web Series Watch & The Comics Observer.

I learned so much from friends, old and new, this weekend. Everyone's creativity and drive inspires me to better my own work.

Thank you.