Captioning Online Videos [Outreach Nerd]

Tuesday 1/29

7pm PST


Alex Lotz & Brian Reis from Captions E7

on efficient and inexpensive ways to caption your online content for accessibility.

PS This will be captioned soon!

[youtube] Alex Lotz <> Brian Reis <> ---- $5 for a video with run time under 1:15 $10 for run time under 2:15 (but over 1:15) $15 for run time under 3:15 etc. until $35 for 7:15. Any video longer than 7:15 and less than 11:15 is $40. Videos in the 11:15 - 15:15 length range are $45.

Any video longer than 15 minutes will be $3 per minute (with the "minute" mark still happening at the :15 interval instead of :00). If a script or transcript of the text to be captioned (with or without time code) is provided, there is a discount of 50 cents per minute of the video's run time.

We also offer further discounts for channels looking to caption multiple videos: 10% off for at least 5 videos 20% off for at least 10 videos 30% off for at least 15 videos 40% off for at least 20 videos and 50% off for 50 or more videos. The bulk discounts are applied after any transcript discount.

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