Indie Holiday Gifts Day 8


With so many independent artists, there’s a variety of unique gifts you can give. I’ll highlight one a day through the New Year!


The Ensuite Life

We were young and carefree, traveling solo with a pack on our back and sharing a room with seven other people with the toilet in the hallway. It was clean. Or, at least it was at eight o?clock in the morning before anyone used it. But we didn?t mind. We were seeing the world.

That was then, this is now. Traveling the world when you are no longer a kid out of school and well before being ready to retire is a whole different ballgame.

The Ensuite Life is for the rest of us. We have the freedom to move around but still must work for a living. We want to travel the world but sleep in a comfortable bed. Mixing tips and advice with humorous anecdotes, this book will inform, engage, and entertain. And hopefully give encouragement to make the leap and take that trip around the world.

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