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Bechdel Test Talk Ep5: Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Bechdel Test Talks

are a monthly series where my co-hosts and I look at various types of entertainment through the lens of The Bechdel Test. Etta Devine & Caroline Sharp join me every month!

The Bechdel Test asks 3 basic questions for every story (originally applied to film):

1. Is there more than 1 female character (with a name)?

2. Do they talk to each other?

3. About anything besides men?

These perimeters are not meant to be judgement calls, but simply starting points for discussion.

Today at 4pm PT, we'll discuss Fantasy & Science Fiction!


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Caroline Sharp's Books Suggestions

Heist Society by Ally Carter (YA)

The Fables series by Bill Willingham is another fantasy comic book with really awesome women. I'm sure it passes Bechdel at some point... I think. It's a fairy/folk tale based world like Once Upon a Time, but very interesting and subversive. -CS
Etta's Films Suggestions
Buffy (all Joss)

Earth 2
Legend of the Seeker
Etta's Book Suggestions
All Le Guin
Any by Margaret Atwood
Shannara books? Have girls and elf girls in them
Narnia books?
Pern & Crystal Singer Books by Anne Mccaffrey
Wise Child & more by Monica furlong
Eye of the world by Robert Jordan
Dragon's Blood by Jane Yolan
Dragon Star by Melanie Rawn
Illusion by Paula Volskey
Wrinkle in Time


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