Endeavor Excitement: #SpotTheShuttle

"This was totally worth missing school for!"

- parent at Barnsdall Art Park

We planned to drop my parents at the top of Griffith Observatory then park where we could and hike up the hill. Well, traffic made it clear that was not an option (yay for people excited about science!) so plans changed.

My husband had the bright idea to go to Barnsdall Art Park on Hollywood and Vermont. It was perfect. Crowded but not at all difficult to find parking or a good place to sit. Lots of families, dogs and cameras. A wonderful time!

Actual pictures of Endeavor taken by my husband or friends (credited below). Video to come soon!

Watch Navigate the Arts episode 3: The Art of Science!

Endeavor cruising through West Hollywood!#spottheshuttle pic.twitter.com/qu6uCqPX

Katie Ferguson @pocketofgreen 5h @cindymariej @echoparknow Extreme close up of #endeavor from #echopark taken with my #nikond40 zoom lens #sp instagr.am/p/P2XcSRiwYE/

And a sample from Adam Emperor Southard Photography's album. He took his son off the beaten path in Griffith Park: