I AM Theatre Live Stream from NYC

UPDATE 5/38pm: I saw during the Intermission that the projection screen : 1. Encourages emails to Roundabout Theatre Company saying their season sans women is not okay. I am fully in agreement.

2. Encourages people to sign up as volunteer ushers for the Roundabout so you can sticker the toilet stalls, assuming with stickers saying this is not okay. I do not agree with this action.

When I bring this up on the livestream chat, here is the discussion:

cindymariej: I am all for this event and more like that, but encouraging people to cause damage via stickers/volunteer ushers? ggontourlive: stickers are not damage. ggontourlive: the only damage is to the ego ;)

cindymariej: temporary damage, but it is not exactly an encouraging way to get the message across.

ggontourlive: we'll agree to disagree.

It puts a damper on the whole event for me, honestly. Before seeing that action, I was entirely involved in this evening of clips from female playwrights on the topic of diversity and gender parity. They finally said out loud, on stage, what we all say in essays and panels  across the world. 

Then we encourage damage? Unless it is a very special sticker, and if that is the case, then I retract (but the moderator did not say so), I am not sure I can support Guerrilla Girls On Tour. I will always support the cause (through LA FPI & elsewhere), I will always support the female writers, directors, actors, designers, all - but I don't support these means. Emails, letters - yes. Stickers that likely cause residue and will take time to scrub off the residue by interns or staff; is that how we want them to remember female playwrights? 

It's not how I want to be remembered, nor the cause.


From the livestream site:

Guerrilla Girls on Tour is a New York City based touring theatre company of national & international renown that creates fresh & original productions celebrating women's history -- past, present & future!

Our work is presented using masks and draws from a variety of classic theatre techniques such as physical theatre, vaudeville and parody resulting in our own unique style that allows us to imaginatively portray a wide range of characters and scenarios with minimal technical elements. We also train and educate via workshops, gallery exhibits, master classes and community collaborations which have resulted in participatory performance projects and site-specific productions that include local women’s history.

Please note: This is not a live-stream of which I took part, just watched. Interesting collection of works by women to celebrate the diversity.

Watch live streaming video from ggontour at livestream.com

Laura Shamas from LA FPI (Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative) will be part!