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Learn more about me and the curvy path that finally brought me back to writing full time. 


My stories bridge the gap between you & your audiences. 


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I’m a Storyteller & Arts Communicator from Los Angeles, currently a Write-at-Home-Mom in Orlando for cool reasons that require multiple NDAs to explain.

I crave story and weave it into all my work, whether that is real estate listings, content creation, copywriting, social media strategy, content marketing, ghostwriting, corporate blogging, book reviews, investigative reporting, newsletters or editorials. I combine SEO keyword with a compelling story, sprinkling calls to action throughout each page of your website or blog. 

I helped launch the Nook Real Estate blog and upgraded the copy for real estate listings, bios, presentations and their social profile bios, among other duties as their Staff Writer. My writing has been published at The Mary Sue, Theatre Communications Guild, The Clyde Fitch Report, The Mom Forum, No Proscenium, Better Lemons, Theatre @ Boston Court and more. 

My topics of specialty include DIY marketing, arts features, theatre critique, immersive experiences, the intersection of arts and parenting, fairy tale and mythology retellings, short memoir and relocation tips. (I can also guide you to the best beer available in Disney World .) 

As an Arts Communicator, I can be your Consultant, Strategist or Manager. My strength lies in merging your mission with community building.

Formerly Communications Director at 24th ST TheatreWomen's Theatre Festival, Social Media Strategist for both The Athena Cats and Ambrose the Printer. I also facilitate the @52playsbywomen movement that was created by Mythologist Laura Shamas. Arts education has always been integral to my work, as Director of Arts Education at Enrichment Works and Artistic Associate at The Antaeus Company.



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