Did you lock your front door today? Are you sure?

I turned my personal paranoia into a short horror story, published in the recently released anthology Demonic Household. 

Demonic Household: See Owner's Manual: A Dark Humor Short Story (Demonic Anthology Collection Book 2)
By Valerie Willis, Arielle Haughee, Brandon Mead, Christina Bergling, Cindy Marie Jenkins, Clint Doyle, Erica Gerald Mason, F. D. Gross, Fern Goodman, Kim Plasket, J. P. Dildine, Jeremy Rodden, Jon Park, K. Walker, Kathleen Lopez, Kerry Evelyn, Kim Plasket, Kristin Durfee, L.E.Perez, Lee Franklin, Larry Griffin, Meg Sefton, Mark McWaters, Marya Miller, Maxine Grey, Paige Lavoie, Rita Sotolongo, Ross Ellison, Teresa Edmond-Sargeant, Tonia Brewer, Vanessa Valiente

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